About the competition

A fantastic opportunity for emerging credit union leaders

More than $50,000 in prizes will be awarded, plus the title of CUES Next Top Credit Union Exec. Once again, CUES has partnered with Currency to manage this dynamic competition, plus DDJ Myers has returned as a sponsor.


1. Nominations

May 1–May 11

We're looking for nominations of young credit union professionals, age 35 and under who have not yet reached the CEO level. People can nominate a direct report, a professional peer or just someone that they respect in the credit union industry. People can even nominate themselves. This competition will allow young credit union professionals to flex their creative muscles and show the credit union world what they are capable of!

2. Video applications

May 14–June 19

Nominees will be encouraged to produce a one- to two-minute YouTube video. The video content should include information about their role at their credit union, any relevant professional accomplishments and a pitch about a current project or program that they are working on at their credit union. Nominees can also pitch an idea to advance their credit union or the credit union industry.

3. Vote for Top 10

June 21–July 5

Members of the credit union industry and the general public will vote for their favorite applicant. The top five applicants with the most votes will automatically move on. A committee selected by CUES will choose up to five additional applicants to move on. Together, these people will form our Top 10 and will be named on or about July 12.

4. Blog posts


Each member of the Top 10 will be required to write and submit a 500- to 750-word blog post about their project by July 25. These articles will be posted on the CUES Next Top Credit Union Exec blog and will help the three members of our judging panel to determine who the five finalists will be. During this time period, each member of the Top 10 will receive a remote coaching session with Peter Myers or Tim Tolliver from DDJ Myers.

5. Name Five Finalists


Our judging panel will be made up of two CUES members and Deedee Myers. The two CUES members will be named after all of the application videos are in to avoid any conflicts of interest. Our judging panel will evaluate and score each member of the Top 10 based on their original application video, their blog post and the value that their project brings to their credit union and to the credit union industry as a whole. These results will be tabulated and the five highest-ranking applicants will be named as Finalists.

6. Video updates

SEPTEMBER 24–October 4

Each of the five Finalists will be required to produce an additional one- to two-minute YouTube video detailing the progress of their project. These videos will be posted on the CUES Next Top Credit Union Exec blog and will help the general public and our judging panel further evaluate the Finalists.

The Finalists will also be encouraged to share their posts through their own online social circles. This is a great opportunity for these emerging leaders to engage with, and to learn from, like-minded members of the credit union industry. Prior to and during this time period, the five Finalists will receive two additional remote coaching sessions from DDJ Myers.

7. Finalist presentations

November 6

All Finalists will come together November 5–7, 2018, at CUES' CEO/Executive Team Network™ in Nashville. On Tuesday, November 6, each Finalist will have seven minutes to present the results and progress or planning of their project to the judging panel, the conference audience and live to the online audience.

After the presentations, the judges will submit their completed score sheets, conference attendees will vote for their favorite Finalist on the spot, and the public will be able to vote online the rest of the day. Each Finalist will be given a combined score consisting of 40% judging panel scores, 20% live audience votes, 20% online votes and 20% social actions—comments, likes and tweets—on their two videos and one blog post.

8. Next Top Credit Union Exec named

November 7

On Wednesday afternoon, the Finalist with the highest combined score will be declared the 2018 CUES Next Top Credit Union Exec. 

2017 Winner Geoff Bullock pictured with CUES President & CEO John Pembroke

2017 Winner Geoff Bullock pictured with CUES President & CEO John Pembroke

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