You’ve mentored, partnered, and coached. Now nominate!

3 steps to nominating with confidence

Noel Sanger, United Federal Credit Union’s Market Vice President for Arkansas, is many things: family man, credit union superstar, trusted peer—and during the CUES 2014 Next Top Credit Union Executive (NTCUE) competition, he was my competitor.

Did I mention I nominated him?

I wanted to choose someone who would represent UFCU well, and who would inspire me to do my best in the competition. Noel quickly excelled and, over 100 competitors later, both of us were standing in the Top 15. It was an incredible moment for two friends who share a passion for the credit union movement. From there, Noel emerged as a Top 5 finalist, and since the competition, I have seen him grow as a public speaker and a confident young professional.

With the 2015 NTCUE competition heating up, use these 3 steps to nominate with confidence:

  • Look for a rising star with ‘pro’tential—NTCUE allows young executives to show their ability to develop and deliver on a program or project. Nominate someone who is passionate about their work and who is a true professional. This competition could be a launching pad for their career.
  • Find the value—When you nominate someone, you’re also nominating their program or project. Ask your nominee about their project and how it adds value to their community and team members.
  • Offer your support—Your commitment to someone doesn’t end when you hit submit. They will need a sounding board for ideas, someone to vent their frustrations, and to share in the joys of growth and achievement.

The NTCUE competition challenges emerging leaders in a dynamic display of credit union awesomeness—centered on creative projects and excitement for advancing credit unions and serving members. Sound like someone you know? Nominate them and help them shine. Nominations close June 5 at 3:00 pm Eastern.

Danny DeLaRosa