Your Next Top Credit Union Exec

What is a Next Top Credit Union Exec? What qualities should he/she possess? What will be the contributing factors to their success? As I sit and type this morning, these are the thoughts that are running through my mind. In just a few short weeks, we will gather for the final round of this competition. I still can’t believe the time flew by so quickly. This morning I want to write about what the attributes I feel are necessary in our Next Top Credit Union Exec.


He/She must be a visionary in order to be successful. The leader must be able to be forward thinking in order to anticipate future challenges, and develop solutions for meeting those challenges.


He/She must be committed to the success of this movement. Commitment creates consistency, and consistent movement in the right direction leads to success.


He/She must be self-motivated, and also able to motivate others. Motivational leadership brings out the best in everyone.

Team Oriented

He/She must be able to work well with a team. The Next Top Credit Union Exec will realize that it is their responsibility to serve in the role of a coach for the team. Although they are responsible for leading, they should never forget that it is the team effort that produces the best results.

Change Oriented

He/She must realize that change is inevitable, and that change is good. If he/she doesn’t implement change the movement could suffer from becoming stale.


He/She must be accountable to the Members, Board, and to their staff. This accountability simply means that he/she will lead by example.

To sum it all up, the Next Top Credit Union Exec will need to be a committed leader, who is willing to be a visionary and motivator of their team. Although there are many other factors that will play into their success, these are a few things that come to mind. There are a lot of great leaders in this contest, and I believe that as many begin to retire our movement will be left in good hands.

Regional Finalist – Southeast