Young Leader Sacrifices

Recently my Alma Mater (Lakeland College) featured me in their Alumni magazine about my CUES Next Top Credit Union Executive win with the Servus Young Leaders Network.

A co-worker of mine saw the article and sent me an email asking how I do it all (3 kids under the age of 6, working full time, and working on my degree part-time).

My response… not very well.

I have been going a million miles a minute since my life changing experience at WOCCU/WYCUP in Barcelona, Spain, in August 2009. During that time, the Servus Young Leaders Network went from vision to implementation to a credit union recognized young leader development program. It has allowed me to meet great people, visit great places, and develop relationships that I will cherish forever.

The truth is you can’t do it all without sacrificing something. For me, the sacrifice has been my work/life balance.

I have all the things that I have ever wanted in life. I have a to-die-for wife, absolutely fantastic kids, and an awesome place to work in Servus Credit Union. Through the past few years, I have also discovered that I want to make a difference in the credit union system. Some may say I have done that already. While this may sound egotistical, I don’t want the Servus Young Leaders Network to be what I am most remembered for. I am 33 years old, and believe I have so much more to give to the credit union system who has already given so much to me.

To do that, something has to give, and my wife and kids have been the ones to pay the price. Whether it’s studying for an upcoming exam, planning upcoming events for the SYLN, or travelling to tell the SYLN story, they have been the sacrifice.

Luckily for me, I have a very understanding wife and kids. When I am home with them, I try to give them all my attention, but it is something I still need to work on. While I try to turn off the blackberry from the time I get home at night until the time the kids go to bed, I’ll from time to time take a quick peak to see if I have received any email, BBM message, etc. My name is Devin Selte and I have a Crackberry problem.

I am also lucky that Servus has recognized this. Part of my new position in leadership development also includes having the Servus Young Leaders Network under my job description. This has allowed me to not have to work on the Network off the side of my desk (or on my couch at home).

For those of you getting ready to take the next step in your young leader journey, may I give you some advice? Be sure to have an honest conversation about the time commitment required to take that next step with the ones that will be affected the most.