Wow! What an incredible display of talent

More than three dozen young credit union professionals answered the call. Vice presidents and coordinators. Marketers and technologists. Financial literacy specialists and accountants. And everything in between!

Jason Lidstrom (@cusuperhero) tweeted this earlier today:

"If I could take all the talent in the #ntcue contest and start a CU,
I would. AND we would rule!!!"

No kidding! We were getting a little nervous a week ago when we had a grand total of two entrants, but we had faith that we would get at least two entrants in each region. Little did we know that we would receive three dozen entries in the last three days!

If you would like a quick way to review all of the videos, head over to the video section. You can easily watch all the video entries on one page.

The depth of talent and passion that you all have shown is incredible.The future of the credit union movement is looking very bright.

Stay tuned: The public voting starts Friday morning.

The CUES Team