Wow, What a Ride!

It’s hard to believe three weeks have already passed since the CUES' CEO/Executive Team Network conference in San Diego-- what an amazing and surreal experience! Honestly, these past few weeks have been a blur of congratulatory emails, new LinkedIn connections, cards, balloons, flowers, and high fives. The continued outpouring of love and support from my family, friends, co-workers, alma mater, business partners, and networks is second to none and I truly feel blessed.


It was an honor to have been in the company of so many movers and shakers within the credit union industry, and to learn leadership topics from some of the brightest minds in the business. (If only I had a few more days…) The sessions during the CEO/Executive Team Network were packed full of wonderful, highly applicable, and valuable information. So much so, that I’ve already adapted much of what I’ve learned into my work life and have shared information with others. Not only have I incorporated many of the lessons, but I’ve also incorporated much of the advice I received from CEOs who I engaged in conversation with. Being at a conference where just about everyone I met approached me as a mentor looking to help me succeed was unlike any other conference I have experienced.  The connections, conversations, encouragement, and knowledge received by others who have trail-blazed before me will prove to be invaluable in my Credit Union career ahead.  

In just three weeks…

A ripple effect has taken place, and much faster than I anticipated. Soon after being named the Next Top Credit Union Exec, my boss called with much excitement and an invitation to speak at the Connecticut Credit Union League next year. (She just recently took the CEO position.) Being given the opportunity to share my experience with others and encourage them to take advantage of opportunities like CUES’ NTCUE competition is an opportunity I eagerly look forward to. In addition to speaking in Connecticut, I was invited to present Buy Local at next year’s Directors & CEOs Leadership Convention in Las Vegas based on a recommendation by Julie Ferguson. (Thank you!) And one week after winning, I had the honor of sharing my experience on the radio with Eloquent Online, thanks Jason and Troy! In the coming months ahead, the Buy Local program is going to be appearing on numerous webinars. It’s exciting to see the interest surrounding the program, and I hope the presentations inspire attendees to implement Buy Local in their own marketing/business development plans. To finish off all of the excitement over the past three weeks, we’ve received our first email from a CEO interested in the Buy Local app. Talk about a whirlwind! 

(Thank you again, CUES, DDJ Myers and Currency Marketing for this amazing NTCUE opportunity!)

Maps Credit Union…

None of these amazing opportunities, professional growing experiences, or accomplishments would be possible if it weren’t for my co-workers and executive team at Maps Credit Union who have believed in, and assisted me along the way. I look forward to what can be accomplished in the months to come as we “Navigate this win for our credit union. Together.” 

Until the next update, Happy Holidays!