Wow Spelled Backwards

What’s cool about the Next Top Credit Union Executive competition is that we have the power to change the rules.  Why have just one winner when we can have six? 

We are credit unions. We are people helping people. Our competitive advantage is our cooperative strength. 

If one person can make a profound difference, than six can start a revolution. And you know we all want to change the world. Our world, our credit union movement, needs passionate and engaged leaders. Especially now. We are battling a recession, an industry transition, and an onslaught of legislative action. To effectively fight this cause, our leaders need tools. 

I believe education is the most powerful tool available to us.

Three weeks ago I donated half of my prize to the next runner up in this competition. In every interview since that time I’ve been asked why I did this. I did it because I am a Credit Union Development Educator.  I believe in cooperation among cooperatives. And I believe in simple math:  two is better than one. 

Six is better than two. 

Ronaldo and I are going to the CUES CEO Institute I in April and I’d like the other four finalists to go as well.  For that to happen, we simply need to change the rules. We need to have six winners. 

CUES has graciously offered to give a $2,500 credit to Amy G., Amy S., Jodi and Kelsey so they can also attend the CEO Institute. CUES has also offered to match any donations that come in, with all donations to be split evenly between the other four finalists. This is an amazing offer. If we capitalize on it we can make a difference in the world.

Executive Benefits Solutions already pledged $2,000 and many of the participants the CUES Executive Network donated as well. I estimate that we only need another $15,000 to make this work. That is 300 people giving $50.

Easy schmeazy. 

Unless you read this and do nothing.  

Barb Kachelski at CUES gave me some details to pass on: Folks can help the other finalists via check, credit card, and ACH/wire by contacting CUES at 800.252.2664 X3400. 

  1. CUES can receive contributions but they would not be tax deductible to the CU.
  2. Contributors must receive verbal or written notification that it is not tax deductible as a charitable contribution prior to CUES accepting their money.
  3. Credit Unions may be able to deduct donations as a PR or business deduction.

Let’s create an aura of awesomeness. Let’s have six winners. Let’s model cooperation among cooperatives. 

Let’s get to wow. 

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