What it's all worth

This journey has been a fantastic opportunity to share ideas with some of the nation’s brightest minds. Over the past month I’ve been able to connect with others in open dialogue regarding my program, Spurring Growth through Community Investments. The feedback has been rich in functionality, purpose, and opportunity. Honored by many of the responses I’ve had, I also wanted to share what this is all about. I feel this time frame in which we are in nationally is very apropos for this competition. We are living in elections times, and I find that people are reinvesting in a call to take action. In this video I address one of the factors that’s beyond the numbers, events, volunteers, or volunteer hours. I’ve shared the growth components in prior blogs, and videos including how we came about those successes. But now I want to focus on the community investments part of the program. This video separates the strategic growth approach to why behind choosing community as a vessel for investments. Thank you for viewing as I discuss the value of its worth.

Mario Mejia