What is a Vice President of Unbanking?

Are you looking for a challenge that will showcase your talents to the world? Do you spend more time on Twitter and YouTube than in front of a TV? Do your friends come to you first for that new big idea? Do you talk to your friends more via text and Facebook than by phone?

Those are the questions we’re asking the candidates in my credit union’s search for a Vice President of Unbanking. Essentially a fancy title for a Marketing intern, this person will represent all things Connex Credit Union to the young public in our branch areas. My first video post showed one candidate’s case for being selected our first VP of Unbanking.

The program is an extension of my overall task and efforts this year to increase the awareness of Connex and ensure we’re supporting efforts to attract that ever-popular next generation of members. All too often we see credit unions who truly offer the best services available, but no one knows they’re eligible.

Our credit union’s leadership has gained the most insight we’ve ever had into this issue throughout the first part of 2010. We conducted several focus groups and kept landing back at the same core issue – Connex (and credit unions in general) aren’t on consumers’ radar.

Our search for a VP of Unbanking is one important step in the process of getting new audiences to understand Connex and why we’re the better choice against banks. Check out the microsite we created for the internship. It does a great job of explaining what we’re looking for. Throughout my posts I’ll keep you updated on this program and the many others that encourage consumers to Unbank with Connex!

Regional Finalist – Northeast