Wharton Wrap Up: Credit Union United Nations

This is a picture of my view from my first two days at Wharton.

To me, it looks a lot like a meeting of the United Nations.

This is what the CUES CEO Institute program means to me.

The United Nations aims at making the world a better place by facilitating cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights, and achievement of world peace.

The CUES CEO Institute program is making the world a better place by facilitating cooperation in the credit union movement and building better leaders. Whether you were from Canada or the United States, there was fantastic discussion and collaboration amongst participants in areas of leadership, business ethics, strategic planning, etc. and this was only the in-class sessions. Many of an evening were spent having great food and learning about the credit union worlds we live in. To me this learning opportunity is just as valuable as being in the classroom as I am learning from credit union leaders through their own real life experiences. That. Is. Awesome.

I knew going into this program that I would meet a lot of great people and learn a lot. Mission accomplished. One thing that I didn’t really think about was the opportunity that I had to teach others as well. While I was one of the youngest people in our class, if not the youngest, and didn’t have a CEO, COO, VP type of title, that certainly didn’t exclude me from fitting into the group. I was given the same air time as anyone else in the room and never felt like I was out of place. Titles were left outside the door. That. Is Also. Awesome.

Over the next few months, I look forward to using my learning to help make Servus a better credit union and to support our vision of Building a Better World…. One Member at a Time. This will include ensuring the Servus Young Leaders Network provides value to our members by supporting them on their leadership path.

Most of all, I look forward to staying in touch with my classmates as we countdown the days until attending the CUES CEO Institute II at Cornell University in 2013.

Thank you to everyone including my family, friends, and Servus through this unbelievable journey as the CUES Next Top Credit Union Executive. CUES is building better leaders, and having this program supports the continued success of the credit union movement. I can’t thank them and Currency Marketing enough for this opportunity.

While this is the end of my voyage with you as CUES Next Top Credit Union Executive, my destination as a credit union leader has only just begun.