West #8: Jason Vitug

Jason Vitug is a 30-year-old Vice President, Membership Development with Tyco Federal Credit Union ($110M) in Redwood City, California.

Synopsis: “I have seen the difference a seminar makes!”

Since joining the credit union movement close to 8 years ago, I have seen how financial literacy plays a key role in the financial wellness of individuals today, tomorrow and far into the future. I’ve seen so many financial institutions offering financial education programs at schools, universities and community centers, which is great. However, I’ve asked the questions, “What about us folks whose classroom days have ended? Where do we go? When do we have the time?”

What we’ve done differently at Tyco FCU is that we’ve brought it to the workplace. Financial stress does impact the employees’ health and impacts workplace productivity. There is a correlation between employees’ financial wellness and the company’s financial statements. The workplace is a perfect location to bring financial education where many who need the support spend majority of their time.

So what has happened in the last year? We have some really amazing testimonials from credit union employees; members and non-members on how we’ve helped built a motivational foundation for them to finally ask the question, “How can I start today to help me built a better tomorrow?”

I plan to continue these seminars and increase sponsor participation and encourage other credit unions to do the same. I want credit unions as the not-for-profit cooperatives we are to be the top choice for financial education in the workplace.

“I’m Jason Vitug, I help members get ahead financially and help my credit union get ahead through literacy.”

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