West #5: Brett Wooden

Brett Wooden is a 30-year-old Business Development Manager with Unitus Community Credit Union ($773M) in Portland, Oregon.

Synopsis: In 2010 & 2011 my goal is to transition the Business Development Officers to use tablets(iPads)in the field to open accounts, educate on the credit union's website (online banking, bill pay, rewards, etc.), and utilize rate sheets and marketing collateral without the use of paper. Also, I would create Member Advocates that are housed in a branch location, but can leave to go out in the field and help members as needed. Lastly, I would like to create a branch that looks nothing like a financial institution, but a place members can surf the web on free wi-fi, drink local coffee, participate in local activities in the community room, and ask questions to Member Advocates who are financial experts.

Overall, my goal is to create a relaxed environment that will meet the needs for any member whether they want to come to us or if they want us to come to them. Today credit unions claim to be some of the best service providers when really we are just 'good'. If we used this model I have explained then we would begin to reach new levels that would grow loyalty like we have never seen. Loyalty from all different age and experience levels helping us change our average age of membership as well as causing more viral marketing based off of member's amazing experiences.  We could better grow and retain members once people learned from us in a way that truly met their financial needs, education, and dreams. Please help me in making my vision for tomorrow a reality today.

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