West #11: Jennifer Ventimiglia

Jennifer Ventimiglia is a 33-year-old Vice President of Operations with USA Federal Credit Union ($650M) in San Diego, California.

Synopsis: My name is Jennifer Ventimiglia and I am Vice President of Operations at USA Federal Credit Union in San Diego, Ca. Working for a credit union that has been hit hard by this recession, my leadership skills have been tested like never before. 

I want to share my experiences with other credit unions leaders and use this as an opportunity to celebrate in our success and learn from our challenges. At the end of the day, we have members to serve and goals to reach. That does not change because we are in a recession. Keeping our people focused on the task at hand is an essential part of our recovery. 

My participation in this challenge will chronicle how we continue to meet our goals while managing the ups and downs of this challenging time. I hope you will agree that I am the Next Top Credit Union Executive.