West #1: Jill Nowacki

Jill Nowacki is a 31-year-old VP-Development with MaPS Credit Union ($385M) in Salem, Oregon.

Synopsis: Nine years in the credit union movement and it seems making this video is the task for which I've been least qualified and most terrified. But, you don't grow if you don't put yourself out there, right?

As the VP-Development at MaPS Credit Union, I have an amazing opportunity to lead our credit union through a re-branding effort over the next year. This involves so much more than just changing the creative materials. The part I am most excited about is using this opportunity to build enthusiasm around the very important role credit unions- and MaPS specifically- can play in our community.

Focusing on cooperative values and credit union history- both through training and action- will create a strong foundation. Increased efforts to serve a growing but often ignored Latino population, to bolster our young adult programs, and to continue our commitment to supporting lifelong learning and economic development will set the tone for an organization that is proud to serve members from all areas of our community.

We will underscore our organizational value that Every Person, Every Idea Counts and will build a team that is comfortable sharing new ideas and thoughts about the way the organization does business, helping MaPS continue along a path of innovation, economic success, and our own commitment to lifelong learning.

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