West #1: Jay Hansen

Jay Hansen is a 28-year-old Financial Educator with BECU ($9.5 Billion) in Seattle, Washington.

Synopsis: THE WEBINAR PROJECT The Project: The Webinar Project is focused on expanding the delivery of financial education to our members and community by adding ‘Webinars’ to our delivery channel.

The Purpose: Our purpose is to equip more people with valuable financial tools that can help people’s financial lives: recover, grow & thrive.

The Process: Over the next four months, I will learn about the many facets of webinars, then work with my team to make them available for our members and community. *1st Webinar Target date: By October 31st 2011

Expanding our Reach: I acknowledge there are many obstacles that stop people from receiving financial education, such as: our fast-pace culture, which has made it difficult for people to make time for continued financial learning and the lack of financial educational opportunities for those who live in rural areas.

By adding webinars to our delivery channel, we expand our reach in financial education by meeting them where they are.

The Industry Relevancy: As this project is on a nation scale, my hope is that it would highlight the importance of financial education and be an inspiration to our industry, showing that we can continue to rise higher in our creativity and strategy to help people.

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