Webinar Project Update

Happy Autumn Everyone,

The weather has cooled, the leaves are beginning to change color and football season has begun. I'm on the 50-yard line with my webinar project and headed for the end zone. The research is done and we will be finalizing the platform provider within days.

Narrowing down our platform providers has been fairly straightforward. The first provider eliminated from our consideration required a 1-year commitment. A year commitment is not feasible at this point as we are still in test mode. Other providers did not offer the features or services we are looking for. Thus, our list has been refined, with one provider standing above the rest offering: easy administration, a reasonable price and solid platform features and services. I had an individual demonstration with this provider last month and members of our Financial Educator team will also attend a demonstration on September 21st.

Just as a running back clicks off each ten-yard marker sprinting for the goal line, we continue to conquer each step towards completion of our first webinar. Our momentum has increased and the adrenaline is pumping. We see the end in sight and can now anticipate the success of our achievements.

Thank you again for following the blogs.

Have a great week.