Voting for Two!

Wow, what a year! It has been a whirlwind of activity, with this CUES honor as an added bonus to a year where a lot was already planned and thankfully, achieved. At CommunityAmerica, we fought legislation that was bad for credit unions, taught thousands of kids personal finance basics, volunteered in our communities — and never lost focus on our members’ wants and needs. Helping members become financially sound and reach their financial goals, of course, is one of many rewarding aspects of working at a credit union.

Then there were the wonderful things that developed throughout the year, my two CUES projects, the Women’s Association of Credit Union Leaders (WACUL) & my Financial MOMentum blog — and my soon-to-be born child! At times I couldn’t tell if the warmth I felt was about my CUES projects, or something more biologically engineered. But I have felt much warmth and passion for these projects, as well as from the wonderful support I’ve received during the past six months.    

I’ve been very pleased with the progress on each of my CUES project, and hope you’ve enjoyed the updates along the way. For me and my projects, these weren’t one-year projects, but long-term projects that I expect to grow in reach and impact over time.

I’ve also enjoyed following my fellow competitors’ programs. Another WOW! We clearly have some great future leaders, and great ideas that can truly make a difference across the country. That’s why I’m so excited and honored to have been a part of this CUES contest. Whether I win or not is secondary to the great experiences I’ve had already. That being said, I would love to be the Next Top Credit Union Exec, but a big part of that will now be in your hands.

If you share my passion for helping families become more financially sound, and/or want to see women grow as leaders in our industry, I hope you’ll consider voting for me. Thank you again for your support throughout the year. And remember, as it turns out in my case, if you vote for me, you’re actually voting for two! 

Regional Finalist – Midwest