UPDATE: Southwest Finalist Chris Byrd Resigns

Christopher Byrd, the Finalist for the Southwest Region, has resigned from the NTCUE competition, as he no longer qualifies. In his email to our team, Chris said, “I wanted to let you know that I have just accepted a job outside the credit union industry. I believe this disqualifies me from further competition in the NTCUE contest. I would like to thank all of you putting this contest together and allowing me to compete.”
We are disappointed that the credit union industry is losing a talented leader, but we wish Chris well as he pursues his new adventure.

What does this mean for the NTCUE competition?  For the final two months left in the competition, we will continue with the remaining five finalists.  Make sure to follow along on the blog – the finalists are cranking out their blogs and videos, and the final presentations in Vegas are just around the corner!

The CUES Team