Update on Social Media Engagement

The Boo-Yah! campaign (celebrating credit union of the year), has been highly successful with social media participation increasing over 340% and the online community growing by 250 people. These results have exceeded our original forecast targets and we are now well on our way to achieving our overall target of 500 Facebook and 500 twitter followers by December 2012.

I envisage our engagement strategy for social media to continue for the next 18 months. To gain traction and adequate reach we need to ensure that our staff is able to view and support our organisations initiatives within this new environment, and I am currently putting a proposal forward asking the business to retain the internet access for all staff (this was a trial during the Boo-Yah! Campaign).  

The social media approach continues to focus on engagement with the current ‘Move your home loan to credit union of the year’ having a content/YouTube focus and promoted through our online channels. A competition is currently running via facebook for someone to win a spot as a clown in the iconic Credit Union Christmas Pageant. Whilst both of these programs are in their early stages, the results have been extremely positive to date.

I am looking forward to updating you all when we reach our social media targets in the coming weeks (and letting you know about our new objectives!).