Top Ten Reasons to Apply

There are lots of reasons to enter the Next Top Credit Union Exec competition, but here are ten of our favorites. Read on and be inspired.

  1. The grand prize of $20,000 that goes towards your attendance at two CUES CEO Institutes, in world-renowned higher learning institutes, is an unforgettable life experience too!
  2. Finalists get three one-on-one coaching sessions with the experts at DDJ Myers – you’ll become more aware of yourself and how you work and communicate with others.
  3. Friendship! Everyone involved shares a passion for credit unions. Finalists form a lasting bond with each other and often share thoughts and ideas beyond the competition.
  4. Learning goes way beyond the theoretical and into the real world.
  5. Your ideas and innovations can make a real difference in the world.
  6. Finalists present their project ideas to a distinguished panel of judges with years of credit union knowledge.
  7. Be heard! Take your good ideas into the world and share your knowledge and growth with others and have people want to listen and learn from you.
  8. Finalists travel to Nashville and network with hundreds of Board members, CEOs, and other members of the C-suite.
  9. Being part of the credit union community is fun. Plus, the Next Top Credit Union competition makes a big impact within the credit union industry.
  10. You could be (drum roll, please)… the 2018 CUES™ Next Top Credit Union Exec!