The Wisdom Exchange

An integral part to one’s success is to find someone who has achieved what he/she is trying to become, and tap into that wisdom in order to learn and grow. The wisdom one can gain from someone who has achieved what he/she is dreaming of is invaluable. CUES recognizes the need for this exchange to take place, which is why they have established a mentorship arm of the NextGen membership.

Having a mentor gives a young professional the opportunity to gain insight through experiences, as well as providing an outlet to bounce ideas off of. During the latter portion of last year, I was assigned a mentor. His name is Hubert Hoosman. Hubert has been in the credit union movement for about 30 years now, and has worked in almost every capacity imaginable. He currently serves as President/CEO of Vantage Federal Credit Union. His passion for our industry is so inspiring, and is evident to anyone who meets him.

Since our mentorship began, Hubert and I have had several phone conversations, exchanged emails, and even had the opportunity to meet in person at the GAC. I enjoy having the opportunity to be inspired by such a great person. I also enjoy being able to bounce ideas off of him, and sharing some of the challenges I face to gain his wisdom concerning it.

Although this is still fairly new to each of us, we are both gaining from this experience. I look forward to sharing more with you concerning this in the future.