The Role of Leader: What Can We No Longer Forsake

Build your foundation.

We are all leaders.

Subjugating your leadership to perspectives that minimize your potential are valued by no one.


Years ago, I did a vision quest to Tanzania for 21 days and carried only a small duffle, journal, pen, and camera. Most of the time sleeping was in a small tent, with a sleeping bag on the ground or small cot. Meals were prepared outdoors, over a fire, and under the sky. Hikes of 5 to 15 miles a day through the country offered the gift of self-reflection and noticing myself in new surroundings far from home, totally disconnected.

A significant learning space were the days when we camped near Hadza, one of the last remaining hunter gather tribes on this planet. Each person in the tribe has a responsibility to learn everything. Gathering tubers, picking berries, hunting game, following the honey birds, gathering and carrying water, and feeding the babies were the responsibility of all. Each person was a leader of the tribe’s bold steps or strategic initiatives: find food and water. Survive.

Unfortunately, many professionals have a singular focus of expertise: finance, marketing, IT, or operations. The complexity and pace of the world require knowledge and expertise in multiple domains.

Learn many things. Be interchangeable. Cross mentor peers. Look for connections at work, community, and family. Be an offer. Make powerful requests. Be rested and revitalized at the end of your work day. Hang out with nutritious people.

Exemplary leaders are authentic, connected to others. Authentic leaders fully express and live their calling, are compassionate, and earn a living that adds value to other humans. Leaders can no longer forsake, ignore, or work around being fully human in the workplace.

Deedee Myers,