The “Road” to the Final 5

In my blog I talked about “Where we are going we don’t need roads” and this journey for me has felt like my feet have barely touched the ground! All this is thanks to the support of so many.

It’s cliché to say “Where to start” but when we are talking about an initiative born and built in less than a year’s time, it starts with a 5 star team. The team is our Conexus Emerging Leader Committee (and founding members) of Andrea Phippen, Brandon Carter, Courtney Wishlow and Shannon Mellquist.  These four dynamic leaders pumped in months of passion, energy and know how (as well as pots of coffee) to create the program it is today. They are a group that inspires me every day and I’m proud of the things we’ve done together than the heights we aim to reach.

This achievement also doesn’t happen without organizational support from a company like Conexus.  Our leadership team across the board has been “all in” on Conexus Emerging Leaders from not only a unanimous support organizationally point of view, but on a personal level. We are so lucky to have the engaging group we do leading our organization who empower us to grow and make a meaningful difference both in our credit union and in our community.

The part that has been the most touching for me is the resounding support from my colleagues, friends, family and members alike. My wife Lisa who has been my compass, sounding board, cheerleader and motivator has been out of this world, I truly couldn’t (and likely wouldn’t) have taken the steps I have without her. 

When you move into a space outside your comfort zone and there are so many there to push you further, it only multiplies the experience. I’ve received many phone calls, emails, social media likes, tweets, comments and in person interactions it’s hard to describe the impact it’s had on me. What I expected to be a profound experience has developed into a once in a lifetime moment. I look at the camaraderie and interactions between all the applicants and I truly believe it captures the credit union spirit. We as leaders will continue to drive change, innovation & development wherever our journey takes us.

And to the ones responsible for NTCUE - CUES, DDJ Meyers and Currency - I thank you for the privilege of being involved in such an amazing competition. You give voice and advocacy to young (and emerging J) leaders alike and fast forward our development. You facilitate collaboration and teamwork in an arena built to celebrate leadership and credit union advancement. Thank you again for all your passion and energy to develop this competition.

Thank you all and see you in Scottsdale!

Kris Wanner