The CUES Next Top Credit Union Executive competition changes lives

That has been evident as we have watched both Tina Hall and Ronaldo Hardy, both from the 2010 competition, launch themselves into extraordinary careers. They both truly love what they do and they both have said it would have not been possible without the CUES Next Top Credit Union Executive competition.

To say I have gained a lot from being in the CUES Next Top Credit Union competition is an understatement. It has truly opened my world to new opportunities and fantastic new people. 

  • Because of NTCUE, I joined Twitter. By joining Twitter, I have been able to connect with many credit union leaders throughout the movement. Because of those connections, I was able to meet a lot of them through various conferences/courses, including my first “Tweet-Up” with the Crash Network at The One Conference in Las Vegas. This also included attending the inaugural ThunderPunch. Awesomeness ensued.
  • Because of the NTCUE, I started blogging. After a joint failed attempt in the 2010 NTCUE competition, Bill Clancy came up with the idea of starting a “next gen blog” and approached me and some of the other unsuccessful applicants about participating. While Bill and I were the only ones that carried on with his vision, I am proud to be his partner in the “2CUGuys Blog”. Continually blogging during the completion has also allowed me to be approached with additional opportunities including blogging for the Crash Network and CUinsight.
  • Because of the NTCUE, I learned how to create videos. This led me to creating the “Forever Young, Forever WYCUP” video as a way to encourage other credit union young leaders to participate in WOCCU’s WYCUP Program. 
  • Because of the NTCUE, (and Twitter and blogging) I was an invited speaker to the Emerging Leaders in Australia at the Abacus AM Institute Conference and at the Credit Union Central of Canada’s Conference for Leaders in partnership with the Canadian National Young Leaders Committee. Both were fantastic experiences and I truly love getting on centre stage to talk credit union.
  • Because of the NTCUE, I will partake in the CUES CEO Institute program.  My experience at Wharton was unreal, and I look forward to Cornell in 2013. The CEO Institute will help build the tools and skills needed to reach my goal of being a leader in the credit union system.
  • Because of the NTCUE, I have joined the leadership development team in Servus Credit Union. The NTCUE has brought out a passion of building leaders and I am super excited to be a part of that within Servus.

Needless to say, the CUES Next Top Credit Union Executive has contributed in making me what I am today.

I would be remised to say that I would not be who I am today if I had not received the encouragement of a senior leader in our organization. When the competition was first announced, I sought out his advice to get his opinion. He encouraged me to jump in with both feet and take a chance in this fantastic opportunity. Without that slight push, I would have never built the momentum to lead me to write this article for you today.

We, as leaders in the credit union movement, have a responsibility. We have a responsibility to bring out the best in our people when they can’t see that in themselves.

Give your young leaders the momentum they need to start their journey in the CUES Next Top Credit Union Competition.

Show them you believe in them.

Nominate a young leader today.