Thank you!

When I received the news I had been selected as one of the top five finalists for the CUES Next Top Credit Union Executive competition, a variety of emotions overwhelmed me. First, I was surprised that I had been selected among the other highly qualified credit union individuals. Second, I was excited for the opportunity to share with other credit unions how Central Minnesota Credit Union (CMCU) is empowering our managers through leadership development. The art of leadership is a learned skill that ultimately can make or break the culture of an organization. It is essential for the future of credit unions to ensure their leaders have the tools to effectively lead their people and operations.

Lastly, I am truly humbled by the support I’ve received from CUES, the credit union industry, and all of the staff here at CMCU. While I will be sharing what CMCU has implemented, it has truly been a team effort to develop our curriculum to where it is today. The Management team, Human Resources team, and Accounting/Finance teams have all contributed to the success of our leadership development program. 

I look forward to sharing more at the CUES' CEO/Executive Team Network™ conference in November! Thank you! 

Jodi Maus