Thank You

First and foremost I would like to thank CUES, DDJ Myers, and Currency Marketing for developing the CUES Next Top Credit Union Executive competition and for their support of emerging leaders in the credit union industry.

So many people have supported me throughout this journey; words cannot begin to describe my gratitude.  I would first like to thank Power Credit Union’s CEO, Vanessa Trexel, for nominating me to be part of the competition and for her continued guidance during this process.  Vanessa, you’ve understood the time commitment and have cheered me on each step of the way – thank you so much for believing in me.  I would also like to thank our senior management team, each Power Credit Union employee, and our Board of Directors for voting, sharing, and supporting my CUES campaign and our rebrand project overall.  Without them none of this would come to fruition.

I’ve been extremely fortunate to work closely with several mentors who have taken the time and energy to steer me in the right direction, proofread my work, provide feedback, and invest countless hours to help me be successful – thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I’m so grateful for the support from all of my wonderful family and friends.  They have shared my project with their networks asking for votes and have encouraged me to go the extra mile.  I am completely taken back by their excitement for this competition and their ongoing kindness.  I’m thankful for my community, the CSU-Pueblo Alumni Board, Rotary 43, and our local newspaper for supporting and promoting this competition.

I’ve been lucky to work alongside Clifton Johnson with Eyeclectic Media, who has produced my videos and captured my story, he truly is an artist.  I appreciate my coworkers for participating in the latest video update (even while sick) and taking time away from their busy day to support me.  They truly are team players and huge advocates of our new brand.

Placing as one of the top five in this competition has been an unforgettable experience, but even if I hadn’t made it to the top five, the love and support I have received from everyone around me has truly been the greatest gift of all.  I am humbled by their warmth and kindness, thank you so very much!!!

Jennifer Mravich