Southeast #6: Ashley Kohlrus

Ashley Kohlrus is a 31-year-old Assistant Vice President of Human Resources with Allegacy Federal Credit Union ($1B) in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Synopsis: Allegacy recognizes the impact of healthcare costs, national trends in obesity, aging workforces, sedentary lifestyles, and stressors and wants to support employees’ healthy lifestyle choices. In 2009, Allegacy focused on activity and morale-oriented programs. In 2010 and 2011, Allegacy is assessing the current level of wellness and revamping the operating plan for the coming years. The wellness program is more than a project; it is an evolution of the organization’s culture to communicate, educate, and motivate our employees through promoting healthy lifestyle choices and providing programs and incentives that encourage employees to keep well. The benefits of the investment in human capital include:  reducing healthcare costs; lowering absenteeism; enhancing employee productivity; increasing employee work satisfaction; and improving one’s quality of life. 

Allegacy has provided funds for health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition programs and is evaluating changes in employees’ satisfaction, wellness, and the financial impact for the organization. 

Since the AllHealth Employee Wellness Program’s kickoff in March 2009, I have served as a “Wellness Champion” for Allegacy Federal Credit Union. I would appreciate your votes and hope to have the opportunity to share more regarding our successes, projects under review, and learning opportunities for other credit unions who are considering launching a workplace wellness program.

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