Southeast #2: Matt Monge

Matt Monge is a 31-year-old with Fort Campbell Federal Credit Union ($430 Million) in Clarksville, Tennessee.

Synopsis: Want to know a secret? Then come close, lean in, and listen up. There's a potentially huge competitive advantage out there, and many credit unions are missing it altogether.

What is that advantage, you ask? It's your people. It's your culture. Culture unlocks the potential within people. You can almost think of it as an accelerator of talent, a liberator of innovation.

Here at Fort Campbell Federal Credit Union, we're going through a culture change. We're shifting from having the same tired, cliche core values that so many have to ones that are unique to us and will drive everything we do. I'll give you a sneak peak: Positive Awesomeness is one of our new core values. Want to know more about that? All in good time.

This culture change will affect everything from marketing, to recruiting, to training, to operations. It's all about to change. We, like most of you, like to tout the idea of credit unions being for people, not for profit. Well it's about time our cultures lived up to that ideal too.

So we're tackling this head on. We're rolling up our sleeves and doing the hard work of shifting our culture. Want to join us? Want to learn from our mistakes? Want to know what you can do to effect positive culture change at your credit union? Then vote for Matt Monge to be your Next Top Credit Union Executive!

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