Simply, Thank you.

It is challenging to find the “right” words to express my appreciation for the support that has led to being named to the Top 5 of the Next Top Credit Union Executive competition. Ultimately, I want to ensure that I simply say, thank you. First, I want to make certain that all of the individuals behind the scenes at CUES, DDJ Meyers, and Currency are given due credit. Each entity has grasped the vision and value of investing in future talent for our industry. As evidenced by every project presented thus far, it is an investment worth making.

Throughout this process we have been asked to use numerous mediums to engage our respective communities. This has allowed us to influence the expansion of the Credit Union movement, and engage others through social sharing and dialogue. For each of the finalists, support has come from a variety of directions for which I know we are all thankful. First, I would like to thank my teammates at Allegacy. Through nominating me to participate, and interacting with each piece of content created, you have demonstrated kind support. Additionally, many of our Credit Union partners have stepped up to demonstrate their support including, Carolinas Credit Union League, Novant Health, Message Factory PR, Spilman Thomas & Battle, Understood Productions, and Weber Marketing Group to name a few. Furthermore, my mentors, friends, and family have been ready, willing and able to support this effort. The result of this support has already been the great opportunity to stretch my skill set to gain new learnings.

So what’s next as it relates to my project, Healthcare Financial Advising? In October, I will provide you with an update via video. The video will be aimed to share progress we have made since my last blog update, and also feedback we are receiving in the marketplace. Building a bridge between the health and wealth of our members has not come without its challenges so I will share a few of my learnings along the way.

At the same time, it is my desire to widen the lens on this project by using the Why, How, and What model. My project is simply “What” we are doing. But “why” did a Credit Union dedicate time, energy and resources to a project such as this? (Click here for a hint.) Furthermore, how has a product and service innovation from an unlikely source such as Human Resources made such inroads? Is there something for your institution to learn from this beyond just Healthcare Financial Advising? Spoiler Alert…I definitely think so! Each of these questions will be answered over the next six weeks so stay tuned.

And once more…Thank you.