Servus Young Leaders Network Blowing Up 2012

The number one priority for the Servus Young Leaders Network Executive Committee is to continually improve our existing programming and to bring new innovations to the network. The beginning of the 2012 year has definitely provided just that. 

The addition of our 3 new executive committee members has brought a new set of experiences, knowledge, and skill sets to our network. Specifically the addition of Kirk Nielsen has provided additional support to Robert Christiansen’s online presence committee. Based on feedback we received from SYLN members, they have constructed a crisper and cleaner look to the online site. Members felt there was too much information on the main page, so Robert and Kirk have made sure the focus stays on any current programming. For this month, we would like to receive feedback on our new look.  

We have also just completed the SYLN National Scholarship program, and I am very excited to congratulate Kirk Nielsen, yep, the same Kirk as mentioned above, as our winner. Kirk will now represent Servus Credit Union in the Credit Union Central of Canada’s National Young Leader Award where 5 finalists across the Canadian Credit Union System will be selected to compete for a $10,000.00 scholarship. 

This year we had exceptional applicants, however, we only had 4.  Servus Credit Union has roughly 800 employees 35 and under. While we aren’t looking for quantity over quanlity, we do want to ensure ALL of our outstanding young leaders are applying. I can ensure you that we have more than just 4. Some of our struggles comes to timing.  Our program announcement coincides with our corporate year end.  Between performance of the past year and preperations for the upcoming, the scholarship is not always a priority for our young leaders.  This is something we hope to change by making our young leaders more aware of the scholarship. While we can’t release until after the Credit Union Central of Canada’s National Young Leader award announcement, most of the main requirements has stayed the same over the past decade allowing for reminders through email, postings on the SYLN Online site, as well as at the 35 Under 35 Leadership Retreat. At our next face to face meeting, the Executive Committee plans to meet with our executive sponsor to discuss areas where we can increase the awareness of this important program. 

The Servus Young Leaders Network has also opened up an account on Twitter. Be sure to watch for us at ServusCU_YLN.

Finally, this past week, we were humbled to be asked to kick off the CUES NextGen Webinar Series. The presentation included the SYLN history, details on our programming, as well as our future plans. 

It was my first time presenting through a webinar and it was pretty tough. As someone that builds energy from the reactions of the crowd, I wasn’t really sure if I was connecting with the audience. I definately enjoyed the experience and thank CUES for the opportunity.      

Through the 2012 year, we will celebrate the international year of cooperatives. I have a feeling that it is also going to be the year of young leader developing throughout the credit union movement.