I noticed our VP of Unbanking promotion was picked up on The Financial Brand blog. Our campaigns have appeared on here from time to time and are seemingly picked up here from other websites. A few commenters questioned how seriously Connex is taking this effort since we’re assigning this flashy name to something that is “only” an internship. If we “really wanted promote this effort as a serious business initiative, the Vice President of Unbanking job position would actually be a Vice President, not an intern.”

Not shockingly, I actually think the opposite is true. I think we’re taking these efforts far more seriously than the average credit union, or than the average company in general. We actually called it a VP position to demonstrate how committed we were to the efforts. We were trying to avoid hiring an average intern who hangs out in the office. We wanted someone who can be out and about as the voice of Connex in our communities.

We’re arming them with the tools they’ll need to get out and influence opinions about credit unions, and paying them handsomely to do so. They’ll be expected to take over the entire social media program for our credit union, including continuous updates, videos and interaction with the community. We’ll ask them to be actively involved in Marketing meetings, brainstorms and projects outside the base scope of the internship. They’ll work closely with our full service advertising agency to be sure the work they’re doing is integrated with and supports the overall branding efforts of the credit union.

They’ll also track their results and show us why it’s important to dedicate resources to this program and provide feedback on their experiences. Sounds pretty serious to me.

Let us know how seriously your credit union takes youth and branding initiatives.

Regional Finalist – Northeast