Return on Engagement

I was asked to post a blog giving a general project update.  As I said in my presentation, my topic for the Next Top Credit Union Executive competition was not so much a project as it was and is a strategy.  That strategy?  Engagement.  The tactics of the strategy were to incorporate fun into our day-to-day life to engage both staff and our communities.  Here is one example of how we have recently incorporated fun across all of our branches!

On March 21, we had a fundraising pub night for the British Columbia Children’s Hospital – a worthy, wonderful cause.   This particular pub event was called “Integris Idol” as it was centered around a karaoke competition. To generate “buzz” and get people engaged prior to the event, we created a variation on the “Caption This” contest I’ve mentioned in the past.  Rather than captioning a random picture, we asked staff to answer “What song is Alex singing?” in the following picture:

No, that is not actually me – despite my real-life flowing locks and wispy chest hair.  For this, I have to credit our Graphic Designer, Luke, for his outstanding Photoshop skills!

The winner received two tickets to Integris Idol.  We had some pretty hilarious responses to the picture, such as Careless Whisper (George Michael) and Shake It Off (Taylor Swift).  Of our approximately 190 staff, 60 people responded.   In my opinion, this “Return on Engagement” measures quite high when keeping in mind we stretch across five communities and seven branches!  By the way, the winner was Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? by Culture Club.  

So… what song do you think I am singing? 

Keep it fun!
Alex Castley