Project Update

Today, I’m taking a break from my normal blogs to give you a quick update on our project. Our team has been working hard to develop our products and programs. We have conducted profitability analysis, and thoroughly reviewed our proposed items. We are happy to report that we are confident that we have a pretty good strategy for our generation. Items included in our proposal are a new checking product that caters to the “ME” generation, and a lending program that focuses on life stages. We believe that this program will be one of the best ways to develop long term members. We have also developed an overall marketing strategy that will focus on creating a movement.

What I am the most excited about is that we will be presenting our ideas and implementation timeline to our Senior Management Team this Thursday! We are hoping for a good response from them. I will share their response in my next blog, and then I will resume with, “If Gen Y’ers Ruled the Credit Union World!”

Regional Finalist – Southeast