Progress and Feedback

“I believe the quality and content of the program is so great that it is impossible not to make many changes in positive directions.” 
-Pilot Program Manager Feedback

I’ve had some awesome results with my Next Top Credit Union Executive Pilot Program and I’d love to share them with you:

I created a program to help employees live the life they envisioned themselves living. I believe that people who are engaged in their life will be engaged in their work. If work can help people thrive in all areas of their lives, positive results will follow. As a result, it’s important to have innovated programs to meet the unique needs of each employee.

“I recommend this program to those that really have a desire to change their behavior and grow into the person they desire to be.” -Pilot Program Participant

My program has three parts: Part one is a class exploring values, vision, goals and choices. Part two follows up with a class that reinforces the themes of part one while digger deeper into core concepts. Part three gives the participant access to one-on-one hybrid coaching focusing on workplace performance and life skills such as interpersonal communication or conflict management. 

This process from start to finish takes four months. I feel a series of contacts over time is more effective than a single training event. 

“The aspect of the program I like the most was being held accountable for my own success and coming prepared to speak my agenda”
-Pilot Program Participant

Now that I’ve run the pilot program, I see some opportunities for development. Restructuring the initial class would make it more efficient. The follow up class, while beneficial, is not critical to the program. I also feel that a stronger assessment of the participants at the beginning would help to make a stronger statement about the overall value of this program. It’s important to everyone involved not to waste time or money so this streamlining is important. 

“I never expected to achieve the results I did in such a short amount of time.”
-Pilot Program Participant

The biggest challenge I see in this process is convincing others that time spent in this area is important. I believe it is more important than a sales training or other skills-based programs. This program gets to the root of core values driving each individual as a means to drive success in all areas of work and life. I continue to research external sources to find quantitative support for these concepts. I’m eager to share those results in a future update. 

“I honestly can't think of something that I didn't like or that I didn't benefit from.  There were tasks that were hard because I was in a position where I made the choice to be 100% honest with myself.  Sometimes the truth is uncomfortable, but that is what helped me grow the most.”
-Pilot Program Participant

Next Steps
I’m excited to run the program again with a new group implementing the lessons learned from the Pilot Program. I want to prove that a company can become stronger by strengthening the quality of life of their employees. 

“Since joining this program I have become even more inspired to push myself outside of my comfort level.” 
-Pilot Program Participant

One part of this competition that has been really awesome has been collaborating with other credit unions.  Three different individuals have contacted me for information or ideas as a result of reading the content posted on the NTCUE site. I love sharing, and I think it’s great that this forum can create new partnerships.

“I am totally grateful for the opportunity. Life changing experiences! Thank you!” 
-Pilot Program Participant

Thank you for your kind words, well wishes, and enthusiasm. I look forward to sharing more results with you soon.


Regional Finalist – West