Phases of Ordinary Community Investment to Extraordinary Growth

As a credit union we see the world through a different set of eyes. Although considered to many as a bank, regarding our similarities in financial services, I’ve learned that the culture amongst many topics set us apart. The way we building growth through community investments takes a cooperative approach, mirroring the image of the credit union. From that you can see the details that’s called this project into existence. Step by step is a common form of administering directions for items that can be recreated by anyone. In business, we go through similar phases as we make strides in supporting a common mission… “People helping people”. In my blog I’ve detailed the phases, directions if you may, to a successful, replicable, and low cost growth driven program. Feel free to read it out here. Likewise, for your viewing pleasure you can check it out below. Thank you for viewing how our ordinary community investment turned into extraordinary growth. Feel free to comment and discuss on social media.  

Mario Mejia