NTCUE | A Rich Experience

A reflection of my NTCUE experience


When an opportunity comes our way, what is our response? Do we boldly walk through the open door? Or do we complacently stay where we are? 

One of my favorite quotes is, “The saddest thing is not that we didn’t succeed, but rather we didn’t try (1).” This quote reminds me that sometimes the act of simply stepping out and trying is a success in itself. Throughout life, it is so easy to be consumed with the uncertainties that we often talk ourselves out of amazing opportunities. 

I was almost consumed with the uncertainties when I first considered entering the NTCUE contest. Upon hearing about the contest, I immediately went to The Next Top Credit Union Executive website where I read the contest details and viewed last year’s contestants. I was captivated by the idea of participating. I started to visualize myself creating, presenting and envisioning what could be.  However, as time passed inevitable questions started to run through my mind, “Will I really have time for this?” “How do I make a video?” “What would my project be?” Slowly those questions turned into excuses, which eroded my initial passion and vision for the contest. 

The turning point came in a meeting with my manager. I shared my hesitancies about moving forward and she responded by saying, “Jay, I think you should do it, I support you 100%.” That’s all I needed to hear. From there my excuses crumbled to the ground, leaving my passion and vision standing alone. As a result, I stepped out and created my first video, then I took another step by submitting my first blog post and I continued to move forward. This contest has been an exciting journey where I have grown in a variety of ways. 

(1) Webinar Knowledge: Prior to this project, my webinar experience merely consisted of attending internal webinars at BECU. Over the last four months, I have researched, studied and learned about the many facets of webinars and now consider myself strong in webinar knowledge. 

(2) Video Creation: Prior to this project, the last video I had made was seventeen years ago with my parent’s gigantic over-the-shoulder camcorder which used VHS tapes (how far technology has come). This contest put me in a position where I had to learn on my own how to film, edit and produce videos for the computer. With my MAC book, video software- iMovie ‘11, along with YouTube tutorials, I succeeded in creating my own videos. This is something I have truly enjoyed and plan on continuing with the rest of my life. 

(3) Financial Literacy Advocacy: Prior to this project, when thinking about financial literacy, I often saw the immensity of the problem, which at times, clouded my vision in seeing the solution. However, over the course of many months my eyes have been opened to numerous individuals and organizations that invest their resources into helping people become financially literate. 

(4) CU Movement Awareness: Since I joined BECU, I was aware of the Credit Union movement, however, this contest gave me an opportunity to observe and connect with many Credit Union professionals, growing my understanding that, “I am part of something bigger than myself.” 

Overall, this contest has been a rich experience. I am sure months from now I will discover additional areas which I have grown in as a result of boldly walking through the door of opportunity. 

Thank you for holding the contest again this year. I appreciate the opportunity to express my passion and ideas to the industry. 

Currently, I am finalizing the first webinar PowerPoint presentation as well as familiarizing myself with the platform software. From there, we will move into testing, and will then launch our first official financial education webinar at BECU. 

Thank you for supporting this contest. 

All the best to you,


(1) Quote by Randy Fujishin, The Natural Speaker