Northeast #3: Braden Young

Braden Young is a 28-year-old Marketing Coordinator with Bucks First Federal Credit Union ($80M) in Bristol, Pennsylvania.

Synopsis: In 2009 we launched a gen-y program we developed called Project Flipside, which is aimed at the 16-25 year old crowd and it was developed to bridge the gap between kids and our credit union. Which is obviously no easy task in todays world!

Now Project Flipside is aimed at gen-y and run by gen-y. We have 3 kids that make up the Flipside Crew! They attend events throughout our area and create all the content for the Flipside website, from blogs to youtube videos. We knew kids wouldn't want to see adults pretending to understand them, and we didn't want to create canned content that we thought they would want to read.

Now in 2010 we are introducing a new crew and with that new and creative ways to reach kids while teaching them financial literacy in a way they want to learn.

One of the top ways to get kids to learn is our "Flip Your Fees" class. We allow someone to take a financial education class to get a NSF fee reversed and with the recent opening of our first student branch we have some techniques we are going to be implementing late this year that will shape the way we market to ourselves to students.

I want to take you on a journey that will define the way we reach and teach gen-y, so vote for me, Braden Young for the Next Top Credit Union Exec!

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