Northeast #2: Amy Stanton

Amy Stanton is a 29-year-old Assistant Vice President of Marketing with Connex Credit Union ($350M) in North Haven, Connecticut.

Synopsis: My current focus at Connex is to help get us over what continues to be our biggest stumbling block – dispelling the common misperceptions about Connex (and credit unions in general) when it comes to things like membership eligibility, services offerings and convenient access. Over the last year I led a Marketing team that established a really exciting “Unbank with Connex” brand position, letting consumers know there’s a better way than the annoying banks they’re used to. We’re challenging the status quo and asking consumers to do the same.

Now the focus is to ensure more and more people in Greater New Haven understand that in addition to our fun and thought-provoking commercials, they’re actually eligible for the rewarding benefits we talk about in them.

I’m also leading a Young Professionals group with our State League. It’s comprised of young credit union employees who are dedicated to the future of the industry. By banding together and tapping into a set of employees who share my passion for the success of credit unions, we’re challenging ourselves and the leadership of our credit unions to focus on making credit unions more accessible and relevant to the next generation.

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