Northeast #1: Sean Flynn

Sean Flynn is a 27-year-old Manager - Indirect Lending with Service Credit Union ($1.8 Billion) in Rochester, New Hampshire.

Synopsis: The very first credit union was started in 1908, right here in scenic New Hampshire. Just about 50 years later, Service Credit Union opened its doors with one branch at Pease Air Force Base in Portsmouth, NH.

Fast forward another 50 years or so and Service Credit Union has grown to over $1.8 billion in assets with over 140,000 members across the globe. While assets grew an astonishing 15% in 2010, total loans outstanding grew over 14% during the same period, including a 64% increase in the credit union’s indirect loan portfolio.

Now the question is, with all of this growth from indirect (most of which consists of new members), what do we do with it? How can we best capitalize on all of these new opportunities? The answer is simple – sell. It’s how we arrive at the answer than has many credit unions scratching their heads.

In 2011, Service Credit Union will look to compound the indirect loan growth it’s experienced over the past several months by identifying specific products that benefit each individual member and by executing a quality cross-selling campaign.

Vote for me as your Next Top Credit Union Exec and see what kind of value my team and I can create for Service Credit Union.

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