New Year, New Goals

New years resolutions are being made, goals are being set, ‘new year, new me’ is trending and I couldn’t be more excited. I love this time of the year, likely because I geek out over personal development. It’s a time to reflect on the year that’s passed and plan for the year ahead. 

It’s not hard for me to come up with goals. I have a goals list about a mile long, but where I struggle is prioritizing which ones I want to focus on.  As someone who likes to bite off more than they can chew sometimes, I remind myself that I can’t make all these changes at once. I need to be intentional with what I want to accomplish and how. It is important to write down your goals, so they are visible and hold you accountable. Have you written down your 2019 goals yet?

I won’t get into the nitty gritty of my goals list, however there are a few I want to share. I mentioned my passion for personal development and some of these goals come from some reading and reflection I have been doing. I hope they spark some inspiration and reflection for you too.

  •   Make self-care a priority. Self care could be eating healthy, working out, getting a massage, being in nature, reading… many of us don’t schedule time for these things or these are the first to slip when we are busy. It is so important to take care of yourself, that way you better serve others. You can’t give your best to others, until you give it to yourself first. 

  • Keep my promises to myself. This sounds kind of weird—so let me explain, when I’m busy the first promises I break are the ones I made for myself. For example, I am going to [workout/study/eat a healthy meal/etc.] tonight and then something comes up and I shift my plans (breaking my promise to myself). This is not to say everything we “plan” is a promise, however how we speak to ourselves is SO important, and the more we break promises to ourselves the less likely we are to keep any of them. You are important, your time is valuable; make promises to yourself that you keep.

  • Step outside of my comfort zone. Do something I am scared or nervous to do. It sounds crazy, but it is the best personal growth method I have found!

  • Be an inspiration for good. I value myself as a leader, I am blessed with lots of opportunities to share my thoughts and opinions and it is important to me that I am inspiring others in positive ways. 

If you haven’t already, get that pen and paper out, yes I said pen and paper not iPad, and write down your goals for the year! Write them down, and then share one or two of them below. I want to hear and be inspired by what’s on your goals list for 2019!

Emily Strybosch