My Time at Wharton

First, thanks to CUES and the credit union community for coming together to support the attendance of four out of the six Next Top Credit Union Executive finalists at the CEO Institute at Wharton. It’s great to see and experience the power of our industry.

Most importantly, the institute exceeded my expectations across the board. For someone who is not on an immediate career path toward CEO, I was unsure how I’d find the experience. The program is great for any credit union senior leader, regardless of background and career plans. It’s certainly valuable for future CEOs, but it was great such a diverse group of credit union employees could come together on the common ground of wanting to be stronger leaders in the industry.

I took away a lot of valuable insight including making strategic and future planning more effective, challenging myself on ethical situations, finding true innovation in credit unions and creative ways to make all of those things happen.

This opportunity wrapped up an amazing experience with the Next Top Credit Union Exec contest. I’m excited to see CUES is running the contest again this year. I can’t wait to see the next round of exciting entries and follow along throughout the year!