My Servus Young Leaders Network Bucket List

Friday is my 33rd birthday. 

While I love celebrating my birthday with my wife and kids, the day that I blow out my 36 candles will mark the end of my participation in the Servus Young Leaders Network. While I will always be available to our future successors in the form of mentorship, my direct involvement in the leadership and guidance will cease.

I could easily take this blog in the direction of sadness and that of letting go for the greater good of the Network, but this is no such column. It’s about having a vision and getting it done before my time is up. To help stay on track, I bought myself a new daily planner for myself with the encryption “Things I want to do before I die.” While this sounds very morbid, it’s not about the end, it’s about the things I want to do before I hit……..36.

So here it is, my Servus Young Leaders Network bucket list: 

  • Much like The Cooperative Trust’s (Crash Network) Collider Project, I would love to see us open up the creative genius of our young leaders to bring new innovations to Servus, our members, our communitites, and the credit union system. Bill Clancy of Lake Michigan Credit Union (and my partner in 2CUGuys blog) has spear headed this within his own credit union and I hope to colloborate with him to bring it to the SYLN.
  • During the cooperative principle and credit union discussion/debate at our 35 Under 35 Leadership Retreat, it was obvious that we have an opportunity to increase the knowledge of our young leaders in these two areas. I would like to see the Servus Young Leaders Network collaborate with our human resources department to introduce increased onboarding covering these topics. A lot of research has gone into what Gen Y employees are looking for, and if we can increase their knowledge of the social benefit of being a credit union, it will increase the attraction and retention of employees for years to come. 
  • Create a foundation for kids. Helping kids has always been near and dear to my heart, and as you know, I have three of my own. I have loved my experiences in coaching minor hockey, teaching Junior Achievement, and helping kids learn how to read at local schools. I have been inspired by the young leaders involved with the Credit Unions for Kids and their contributions to local hospitals.  I know this goal will be tough to reach, but the impact we could create could change lives forever. And that is what makes all the difference.

On my 36th birthday, I hope that I can blow out those candles and celebrate the completion of my Servus Young Leaders Network bucket list.