Midwest #5: Ryan Morris

Ryan Morris is a 24-year-old Accounting Assistant with Liberty First Credit Union ($140M) in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Synopsis: We've all experienced high pressure situations where a task needs to be completed but we're not quite sure how to do it.  We may have a general idea but stress because the task may be done incorrectly. Situations like these happen for a number of reasons, and most are unforeseeable in nature. 

My project is to get everyone in our accounting department cross trained on all job duties. This is a key component to help make the credit union more efficient and relieve some of that stress caused by unpredictable events. Detailed, step-by-step procedures will need to be created and tested. These procedures will aid in training and serve as a reference for future use. 

Each employee in the department will "trade" job duties with someone else twice a month once they're comfortable in the position. This will provide a constant refresher for each individual. 

I will gladly accept your votes starting June 4 and look forward to keeping everyone updated on my progress.