Midwest #2: Amy Grothaus

Amy Grothaus is a 34-year-old Assistant Vice President with CommunityAmerica Credit Union ($1.8B) in Kansas City, Missouri.

Synopsis: Hi! I am Amy Grothaus, Assistant Vice President, Retail Branch Sales Division for CommunityAmerica Credit Union in Kansas City, Missouri. I oversee the strategy and execution of nine of our 29 Kansas City-based retail branches, ensuring we are exceeding the expectations of our members, while being operationally prudent and efficient. I’m also a CommunityAmerica Savin’ Maven, dedicated to helping families assess where they are — and then helping them get to where they want to be financially. In this capacity, I and my five Maven colleagues tweet tips on a daily basis about money management issues, and I’ve been fortunate to appear nationally on AOL WalletPop, as well as in M Magazine, and on local news broadcasts and morning shows.

My passion is to create family-friendly information that can be applied to almost any family situation to help them become more financially savvy, especially in this economy. I want to help them create open communication about money, budgeting, and more. As a working mom of two, soon to be three, I’ll be leveraging practical and relatable, real life experiences to soon launch my new blog, Financial MOMentum! 

As a woman, I’m also supporting a new movement that will help women expand their leadership roles in the credit union industry – the Women’s Association of Credit Union Leaders!

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