Midwest #10: Sherri Mannausau

Sherri Mannausau is a 35-year-old Vice President of Training and Education with TruStar Federal Credit Union ($141M) in International Falls, Minnesota.

Synopsis: Training, training and more training! Everyone has their own learning style. On top of various learning styles, it is challenging to deliver quality and consistent training when there are 5 locations (spanning 160 miles apart) with a total of 73 employees. I recently graduated with a teaching degree through a distant learning program (online). I learned that there are great tools available to educators that can deliver valuable education to all types of learners located anywhere around the world.

A screen capture program allows you to record your voice and anything that is displaying on your computer screen. You can then simply have anyone go to your saved video and watch a step-by-step tutorial on how to complete a process or another type of training that you would like to capture.

In theory, this tool can create a video library for all your training needs.  I plan to do just that for our organization.  Our employees could be listening and watching my presentation on how to open an account at the same time at our 5 branches without me physically being there.  It also allows for flexibility, customization and serves the needs of those that learn visually and those that are auditory learners.