Life Is Calling... BUT Call Back In A Few Weeks

As with any extensive project there are always challenges and obstacles to overcome.  Our initial launch date for our new “Life is Calling” brand was scheduled for release in mid September.  Here we are at the end of September and have yet to launch.  Why you ask?  Let me take a moment to explain...

When undergoing a rebrand everything changes.  Signage, facilities, website, advertising, print materials, new technology, culture, the list goes on.  The most challenging part is timing all of these moving pieces to be completed within the same timeframe.  With this, you very much rely on other parties, vendors, city and county planning departments in various markets, etc.

Currently, each piece of the brand launch puzzle is complete except for external signage, which has pushed our launch date back to the middle of October.  The first touch points our members will experience are visuals and without building signs there is no new brand.

Luckily, we are a positive and resourceful team and are using this extra time to turn challenge into opportunity.  To overcome the delay we are beginning to incorporate our new color scheme in recent ads and some of the language in teaser banners advertisements such as “Life is....” leaving the rest up to the members imagination.  We hope this strategy generates even more excitement around our new brand when it comes time to launch.

We are counting down the days until we can share our new brand with the public.  Until then, progress is progress and optimism is essential to achievement!

Jennifer Mravich