Let the interviews begin!

Tomorrow starts the interviews for our Vice President of Unbanking! We’re interviewing a handful of college students from our area. We’ve “met” them briefly in the videos they submitted, but these first in-person interactions will give great insight into their abilities to connect with people. Here are the characteristics I’m hoping to find in our new VP:

1. Passion – They might not yet be passionate about credit unions or Connex, but I’d like to see that they have passion for something in their lives. Whether it’s working hard in school or playing hard during summer vacation, I want to see them demonstrate enthusiasm around something they enjoy.

2. Energy – I hope they come in and right away have a sense of energy about them. Interviews can be intimidating, but so can being the voice of Connex in our communities. So even if they’re shaking like a leaf, I want to get a sense that they’re excited about this opportunity.

3. Ideas – I certainly have pre-conceived thoughts about how I want this internship to function, but one of the things I’m most excited about it giving the intern many opportunities to chart their own course. I’m not expecting them to walk in with a full marketing plan, but I’d like to hear that they already have some rough ideas for the things they’d like to accomplish as our Vice President of Unbanking.

4. Professionalism – While this may be their first jump into working in the professional world, I’d like to see a natural sense of professionalism that gives me the sense that I’ll comfortably be able to send them out into the world and act as a spokesperson for our credit union. They won’t go without preparation and training, but they also need to have an engrained ability to attract attention in a positive way.

I’m certain there are many more exciting qualities these students will display. What additional traits do you think I should be looking for in a successful Vice President of Unbanking? Post your comments here.

Regional Finalist – Northeast