Lessons I’ve learned from NTCUE

Wow! I can’t believe the time is almost here for us to gather together in Dallas, Texas to compete for the title of Next Top Credit Union Exec. This has truly been a rewarding experience for myself, and I am sure the same holds true for the other contestants. As I reflect on this experience, I stopped to think about the things I will take away from this experience.

An increased passion for our industry.
The hope of a bright future in the credit union move, filled with great leadership. (i.e. NTCUE contestants, and many others)
An expanded network of credit union contacts.
Knowledge and skills that will assist in my professional growth now, and decision making skills of the future.

These are just a few things that come to mind, although there are a plethora of other things. I also stopped to reflect on how things would have been if I had not taken the risk of entering the competition. I would have missed out on all of the wonderful opportunities it has provided. Sure, I would have still worked to make a difference in my credit union, but I would have missed the opportunity to share in our movement overall.

Although it was a risk to step out and enter this contest, the rewarding experience it has provided has been well worth it. After all, isn’t that what true leadership is all about? True leaders take risk. They aren’t afraid to take a chance and be different. They say the things that need to be said when no one else wants to say them. They are tenacious, driven and focused on accomplishing their goals. True leaders know that failure at some point in time is inevitable, but they are willing to work through those moments to forge ahead stronger than before.

We as NTCUE contestants, and others around the country aren’t afraid to step forward and make an impact on our credit union industry. Thanks CUES for providing such a wonderful opportunity for each of us to make a difference!

Regional Finalist – Southeast