Learn to Earn: Savannah Bound!

Learning that my project made it to the Final Five of the NTCUE competition reinforced my belief that credit union leaders value ongoing learning and want to know more about incorporating it into their own strategic plans. My project is my passion because I believe that most credit union employees genuinely want to help our members and be experts at what they do.

In the wake of the recent Wells Fargo scandal (update), all financial institution leaders need to evaluate how we view employee motivation.  While aggressive extrinsic motivation may work in the short term to drive sales, it can also serve as a tipping point for dishonest behavior, as seen in the number of fraudulent accounts opened by employees at Wells Fargo.

Learn to Earn is a fresh approach and positions the credit union as a learning organization that invests in educating our employees, so they have the knowledge to make recommendations that are in the best interest of our members.  While we are motivating employees through pay, we are also promoting education and reinforcing its comprehension through work quality and proven performance.

I am so excited to continue on the journey of bringing Learn to Earn to life and sharing it with you along the way. Thank you to everyone that has supported Learn to Earn. I can’t wait to show the credit union world the importance of investing in employee education.  #Learntoearn #NTCUE #CETNET

Colleen Tilton