Just Ask

On a scale of 1-10 how satisfied are you working at your organization?

That was the first question I asked a group of leaders at Tarrant County Credit Union last week. It was part of a three-question anonymous survey I modified from Net Promoter Score research. It is interesting how much information can come from a few simple questions. It’s amazing how much can be created, if you are willing to ask. And then listen. And then take action.

The genesis of this survey came from the CUES Executive Network in Dallas last year. I was there in November to give a presentation as the final element of the Next Top Credit Union Executive competition. The last question I was asked by a judge was, “what’s the ROI on your program?” I anticipated that question. I also knew my answer wasn’t strong enough. As I cycle through this development program I’m taking my experience in Dallas to implement stronger evaluative metrics throughout.

So how satisfied are you working at your organization? What’s the best thing about working there? What one or two things do you think need improvement?

I talked about those questions with the TCCU Leadership Team for over seven hours. By the end of the session we had walls and walls filled with ideas, action plans as well as an overarching vision of success.

TCCU scores a high cool factor in my book for starting out 2011 with a top focus on team. There’s this intangible and incredibly juicy intoxication that comes from discussing, and then creating a shared dream.

The values of our organizations transcend ROA. Loyal employees can foster loyal members. To create loyal employees we need to change the conversations we typically have with them. We need to co-create the culture we all want.

A good place to start is by asking your team what they think.

So ask.